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Heading for the stairs...

Welcome to Handley Photography   

I am a Fort Worth Texas  based photographer specializing in portraits, childhood and lifestyle shoots. In todays fast paced digital world, photographs have never been more necessary or abundant. Instagram, Facebook, magazines, billboards and webpages use a staggering amount of photos. We take pictures with our phones of everything we do, from morning coffee to whats on our plate for dinner and everything in between. Everywhere you look, images are on everything, but not all images are the same. Cell phone images generally don't look very good when printed to hang on a wall. Don't have any photos on your wall? Shame on you:-) What happens when you lose your digital files in a computer crash? Lost or stolen phones mean your photos are gone too, unless you backup your files regularly, and we all do that right? I backup every photo I shoot on to four different hard drives. The value of a professional photographer has never been higher than it is right now. A beautiful large Canvas or MetalPrint hanging on your wall will last a lifetime, provide you with a smile every time you walk past it and make your home just feel like home. Browse my photographs and then book a session, you will smile every time you pass your wall art and remember what fun you had making it.

Beautiful Wife